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Have you ever been curious about what it is like to be gay in some other part of the world? Visiting location chat rooms in different US states, in different regions in the United States, as well as visiting gay chat sites in various countries, can give you a totally new perspective about being gay in different cultural contexts and societies.

Visiting different location chat sites can also bring you back in touch with a region that you left a some time ago. If you come from a southern state, such as Mississippi, and you miss gay flirting in a southern style, you can visit Alabama gay chatroom and get your fill of talking to southern gays about southern topics. Perhaps you are originally from Arizona, or a nearby state, but you have spent the last number of years living on the East Coast, and you miss the laid back spirit of gay socializing out West, visit us at Arizona gay chatroom, where you can revel in the spirit of Arizona gay chatting. On the other hand, maybe you are from Indiana but transplanted out West, but would like to have the opportunity to chat with gay guys about Mid-Western topics, using Mid-Western slang. Indiana gay chatroom can take you back mentally.

If, on the other hand, you have been transplanted from much further away, as from Germany, Greece, France, Canada or Australia, and you want re-establish gay contact with some others like you, sites such as Greek gay chatroom, German gay chatroom or French gay chatroom will put you back in Europe immediately. Some people will prefer to chat in their mother tongue, others in English. You will be able to engage in private discussion, if you prefer, or meet a lot of guys in the public chat area. If you are from Canada or Australia, sites such as Canada gay chatroom, Canadian gay chatroom, Australia gay chatroom and Australian gay chatroom tend to have a much larger mix of Canadians and Canadian ex-pats, Aussies and Aussie ex-pats hanging out on-line. That way you can chat while catching up on what's new at home.

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